1. Chance the Rapper releasing all these tight t-shirts on his ongoing tour.


  2. Speaking of Childish. Watch til’ the end.


  3. iamdonald:


    Reblog. THiS DUDE. Childish Gambino. On another tip.


  4. A video from Vans, highlighting the life of Martin Ander - one of my favorite illustrators. Be sure to check Vans’ youtube series #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL - Mind Over Matter.


  5. remash:

    home + studio ~ atelier drome architecture

    Reblog. Amazing.

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  6. typejoy:

    Inspiration for Type Specimen Cover (by Maya_León)

    Reblog. Vintage cigarettes. Typography.

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  7. With the homies.


  8. Great work by Gustav Johansson, Albin Holmqvist and Evan Prosofsky.